Daniel Eginton Landscape Architects, Inc.

Daniel Eginton Landscape Architects, Inc.
5330 Twillingate Place
Duluth GA
Booth: 1444

Company Description:

DELA is a Landscape Architecture firm that has established a reputation for conceiving and planning thoughtful, timeless landscapes. The firm is dedicated to drought tolerant, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly garden and landscape designs for their clients. Dan Eginton, our owner, is a strong believer of working closely with the homeowner to create a garden that is appropriate for their wants and lifestyle. No matter the size of the project, the process is always the same on attention to detail. Daniel and his team encourage their clients to increase the value and beauty of their homes and property without breaking the bank to do so. While creating elegant, timeless gardens, DELA does so with the protection of the environment and its habitats at the forefront of their thinking. DELA's creative spirit and technical expertise is expressed through our unique and comprehensive solutions to complex site challenges. The combination of our clients' goals and aspirations with our years of knowledge of plants, ecology, design and functionality allows the true success of each project to come to fruition. Our style is based on a focused simplicity that allows for easy interpretation and an end result that adds a sense of peace, tranquility and purpose to your outdoor space. DELA encourages working with nature, not against here.

"I believe, the landscape should be thought of before the placement of buildings, hardscapes and outdoor entertaining spaces. If done so, all hard element spaces will visually become a part of the landscape, which will make those spaces and its surroundings more intimate with nature. In turn, those spaces will add tranquility and decrease stress."

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Only $249 for a landscape design.

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Iicensed Landscape Architect

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